Thursday, 7 February 2008

My first day of blogging

Well here goes, my first day of blogging.
Not sure at this moment what to write, but i'm sure it will come to me as i go along.
I've started up this blog so that i can record all that i make with my papercrafting and also to share with others.
I will try to put up as many of my creations as i can, may be it will also help in inspiring me on what i can do next.
Last night i sorted out all the cards that i have made and not sold so that hopefully I can find an outlet that is willing to sell them for me, I might even be tempted to put them on ebay, as there is a lot more of them than i thought.
I spent this morning making the banner for my blog, and i have also used the same design to make some business cards that i can pass around and hopefully get some business, that way i can appease my OH who wonders what i am going to do with all the stuff i have.
Well I'll close this blog for now and see what i can put up on here to make it a bit more interesting.
Thank you for looking