Friday, 4 July 2008

Tutorial Diamond top Card

Since i made this card I have had a few people asking me how i made it so I have decided to do a tutorial on my blog.

Firstly take an A4 piece of card stock and fold it length ways down the centre. I then trimmed the card so that it was 20cm's wide (10cm's either side of fold).

Open the cardstock and mark 10cm's down each side and score accross card.

From the centre poing of that score (down the middle of the card mark 3cm's, then down ech side from the score line, measure and mark at 7cm's.

score between the 7cm mark and 3cm mark on each side.

valley fold on the 10cm score line and mountain fold on the 7cm score line.


Lana said...

Very pretty and effective card. I will give one a go. I have just moved from Buxton in Derbyshire!!
I now live in Notts.
Feel free to visit my blog.

Ali said...

This is brilliant! Thanks. Was it your card I saw on trimcraft. If so I was one of those asking how it was made! I think its a great shape.
Thanks for the tutorial will try one on Friday!
Bye for now

Leanne said...

These cards are stunning, I am really glad that you put a 'how to' on your blog - thanks very much!!

craftymumof3 said...

This is great. I will have to have a go at this now

G S P Crafts said...

If you cut the square of the top.
cut down the centre line between the two marked points so it folds over like collar, then add the square back on the top afterwards it's easier to make.

but great card was looking for measurements to make one and had lost mine. thanks so much

Liz said...

I love the card but what size envelope does this card fit in?

Rosy said...

great instructions thanks so much x

Karen Tallon said...

thank you so much, I have often wondered how to do a card like this and now I know. Thank you for your clear and easy instructions on how to do the folds.

disa said...


MiMi said...

What a beautiful card.