Monday, 29 September 2008

Sorry not been posting

Well what a week. Somehow at the beginning of the week while trying to find some backing paper for a particular card I was making, I clicked on a website after searching on google and oh oh I knew straight away that it had taken me to a virus. Everything on my computer went stupid and for some reason my anti virus whish is usually excellent at catching things has missed it and let it through and it attacked my windows system directories and my IM and I couldn't get anything to work. I then had to do a boot scan to try and find the files and delete them which took me ages, but finally I thought i had got it sorted. But them my computer just kept shutting itself down, not like normal where it goes through the shut down process but instead the switched off dead with no warning. when I reboot it it then at first came back with a date of july 2005 and the time midnight. and the last time it happened and I rebooted it came back with a date of oct 10th 2010 and a time of 10:10. So I think there may still be something of a virus there that I just can't find.
I have been busy transfering all my files on to an external drive so that i can totally trash my laptop and start from scratch. Grrrr it's going to take me ages to get all my programmes loaded on again.

Because of all this, I haven't managed to put any of my cards on my blog, especially my DT card for cupcake craft challenges, And i only just managed to get my card posted for Lauren this morning for this weeks challenge. (will be posting that card for all of you soon).

On a happier note. I have got through to the second round for the DT for Silly Monkey crafts. Out of 70 applicants, 18 of us have been chosen to go through to the next round. My Oh wondered what was going off when i let out a squeel of delight lol.
I have had to choose 3 of my best cards to send in for them to see my style and how hard is that. I have had all my cards opened in loads of windows on my computer scrutinising them all and trying to pick just 3, but i have so many cards that i love for some reason or another. In the end I just bit the bullet and chose three and then sent them quickly before I changed my mind again. Now I have to wait and see if I get through to the next round. I'm keeping my fingers andtoes crossed for this one. So if you see a woman walking funny down the road it's probably me suffering from severe cramp from crossed toes lol
Here is the card I sent in for the first round


Lauren said...

Jilly, I am so sorry to hear about the virus, hope it all gets sorted soon.
Congrats on being picked to go through to the next round on Silly Monkey Crafts. Hope you get through to the next round as well, have got my fingers crossed 4 you.
Take Care
Lauren xx