Sunday, 9 November 2008

My first Necklace

Here is my first necklace that i have attempted using the crochet method. I think i really need to do some reserch on how better to do it, but i just played around with this as though i was crocheting with cotton or wool.
Again I used the green 28 gauge copper wire and a mixture of seed beads for the decoration. i really do need a lot more practice as i couldn't give this as a gift as it's very rough. i think a trip to amazon for a good book is in order for some techniques


Leanne said...

Well I think it looks fab Jilly! Can't wait to see what other creations you make!

Poppy said...

look great.

Jenni Hamilton said...

Tht is a great necklace Jilly, hard to believe you've just started doing this!
Go over and have a look at the little surprise for you on my new blog......
Jenni x