Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Awards Galore

Wow so many awards. I have been so remiss in the past in showing awards on my blog. This is because i get so absorbed in my crafting that i forget people have awarded them to me
These awards have been awarded to me by:
Nice blog Award: Maria
Fabulous Award: Kathryn, Leanne
Encouraged Award: Kathryn
Butterfly Award : Kathryn, Jude
Pop over and look at there fantastic blogs
All for the Encouraged and Butterfly, Nice Blog Awards all you have to do is: 1) Put the award on your blog 2) Put a link on your blog of the blogger who gave you the award 3) Nominate 5 other bloggers 4) Leave a comment on their blog notifying them
For the Fabulous Blog Award you have to also state 5 things you are addicted to... mine? My kids, crafting, my blog, forums, Olives
I am supposed to pass these on to 5 other people but i am having a hard time in choosing just 5 so I am going to award these to all my blogging friends who visit my blog. Please take whichever award you would like. You all derserve one