Friday, 16 January 2009

Web shop

Well finally today I managed to set up my web shop to try and sell some of my cards that i have accumulated. I have been told i have to sell some or stop buying crafting goodies. So a web shop it was. It is not complete yet but i have set it live today so that i can try and get some interest in it. I still have loads more cards to add, and i'm not toally happy with the shop package i have but i'm stuck with it for a while so will have to see how it goes.
If you have time please stop by and give me your opinion I would really appreciate it.
Jilly's Creations
I have a long list of angel policies here that i am scanning through before i upload each card just to make sure I'm doing everything right.
It really is a steep learning curve this setting up of a shop think i might have turned grey by tomorrow


Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hi Jilly,
you've done a great job with the shop, it looks fab.
I wish you every success with it.

~* Donna *~ said...

Well done in opening the shop jilly

just found it and had a peak

It looks lovely.

i even see you are vat registered! you must really want to keep your stash to be vat registered lol

(unless your not, im assuming you are as you have " vat " in the prices and on checkout , and its illegal to have anything to do with vat on stores if your not registered)

Ps..... your header on there is a little blurry.. if you want to use the header from this blog.. if you want i can make it fit your shop for you? without it being distorted.

Take care all the best Donna xx